Support Groups For Men and Fathers

Canadian Support Groups



British Columbia

  • Vancouver:
    Dads Resources: Dads Resources
    Father’s for Equality:
    e-mail: Father’s for Equality
  • CoParenting Canada
    Custody, access, supervision consulting and resources for men
    Doug Reid
    4327 Erwin Dr.
    West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1H7
    (604) 922-2076 Fax (604) 922-2076
    e-mail: CoParenting Canada
  • B.C. Men’s Resources
    Jerry Wong, Ph D
    101 1956 W. Broadway St.
    Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1Z2
    (604) 205 5089
  • Father’s Rights Coalition, Father’s Legal Advice Group
    For men involved in family court
    Don Williams: (604) 526-9015 Fax (604) 526-9035
  • Divorce for Men
    Legal help for men who feel the courts, the law and the feminists are biased against them.
    Carey Linde
    605-1080 Howe Street
    Vancouver, B.C.
    Tel:(604)684-7794 Fax (604) 682-1243
    Divorce for Men
  • Kids First Parent Association of Canada
    National Non-Profit Parent Support and Lobby Group
    Quarterly Newsletter and Resource Library
    5486 7B Ave.
    Tswwassen, B.C. V6X 2B4
    (604) 948-0282
  • Canadian Grandparents Rights Association
    Langley, B.C. (604) 882-0227
    Richmond, B.C. (604) 273 4726
  • Vancouver Men’s Evolvement Network (M.E.N.)
    Wisdom Council Talking Circle
    Our Mission: Men supporting each other through life’s journey.
    Info, help finding a men’s group, newsletter Ed Gabriel, Tony Smith
    Box 57052
    2458 E. Hastings St.
    Vancouver, B.C. V5K 2K6 (604) 290-9988
    Vancouver Men Support Association
  • B.C. Parents in Crisis
    620-1155 W. Pender St.
    Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2P4
    (604) 669-1616, Crisis 1 (800) 665-6880
    Referral 1(800) 665 1896, Fax (604) 669-1636
  • B.C. Council for the Family
    Clearinghouse for information on Family Programs and Resources
    204-2590 Granville St.
    Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3H1
    (604) 660-0675, (800) 663-5638, (604) 732-4813
  • Vancouver Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
    Individual & group therapy
    (604) 682 6482 Fax (604) 684-8883
  • Victoria Men’s Centre
    1967 Oak Bay Ave.
    Victoria, B.C. V8R 1E3
    (250) 370-4636
    Victoria Men’s Centre
  • Falkland, BC
    Shuswap Men’s Resource Center.
    Men’s issues, parenting
    (250) 379-2466

Nova Scotia

  • Divorce Canada
    Halifax, N.S.
    Help On Line
    Divorce Canada
  • Fatherhood, Imagine That
    9 Esson Road
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Phone: (902) 466-6784


  • HEART:(Human Equality Action & Resource Team)
  • EPOC: Equal Parents of Canada
  • CAFE:(Canadian Association For Equality)
  • The National Alliance for the Advancement of Non-custodial Parents, Ottawa
  • Freedom for Kids, Toronto
    e-mail: Freedom for Kids
  • ENPES, Ottawa / Hull ENPES
    ENPRES is a fathers group operating in the Ottawa / Hull area.
  • Family Law Center, Toronto Family Law Center
    Information on Child Support Guidelines and Child Custody (Commercial Legal Site)
  • Toronto: Fathers’ Resources
    Fathers’ Resources International, e-mail:


American Support Groups


  • FREE: Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange
    A very influencial Fathers and Childrens Rights group with chapters in many states and provinces.
  • NCFM: National Coalition of Free Men
    Northern California Chapter, P.O. Box 640053, San Francisco, CA 94164
    (888) 223-1280
  • Daddy & Me: Daddy & Me
    Daddy & Me provides an electronic virtual world to fathers and their kids. They serve the Silicon Valley area directly, but aim to serve the larger global needs of Dads and children.
  • College of Fathering
    Family University
    P.O. Box 500050
    San Diego, CA, 92150-0050
    Voice: 1-(619)-487-7099
    FAX: 1-(619)-487-7356
    Publisher of the “SMART DAD’S” Newsletter


  • VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws)
    VOCAL has chapters in many of the major cities in the US. Their research since the late 1970’s has determined that over 65% of all cases of reports of child abuse in the US are false.
    National Headquarters:
    Toll Free: 1-(800)-745-8778
    Phone: 1-(303)-233-5321

Florida Massachusetts

  • Men’s Freedom Network: International Headquarters
    P.O Box 15311, Kenmore Station, Boston, MA 02215 USA
    Phone: (617) 232-1542

Minnesota Nevada

New York


  • Family Crisis Center
    1602 W Harrison Suite C, Harlingen TX
  • Men’s HOTLINE: Austin,Texas
    A service of the Men’s Health Network : Washington, D.C.
  • Mail to Texas Fathers may be sent to:
  • Mail to Texas Fathers Alliance, the statewide network of fathers’
    and men’s groups, may be sent to:
  • Mail to Fathers for Equal Rights (Dallas) may be sent to:


Other American Groups, not listed by State

  • National Congress for Fathers & Children National Congress for Fathers & Children
    They also have “Parenting Time” software for Windows available. Designed as an “access/visitation enforcement system” which assists the non-custodial parent in asserting his (or her) timeshare rights, and in supporting a motion to enforce those rights where the custodial parent otherwise refuses to honor them.
  • The Coalition of ParentsThe Coalition of Parents
    A national U.S. group assisting the falsely accused.
  • Parents Victimized by Children’s Protective Services Parents Victimized by Children’s Protective Services
  • Coalition for Preservation of Fatherhood: advocacy and support



Other Father support groups who wish to be listed here, please contact MESA,