Provincial Minister of Justice

MESA’s Submissions to the Provincial Minister of Justice
Issue Recommendation
Perjury Stronger Enforcement of perjury laws to deter lying on affidavits.
Maintenance Enforcement

  • The Director routinely exceeds the power given through legislation, violating the constitutional rights of the citizens it is collecting from/li>
  • Overzealous enforcement combined with excessive child support awards prevent fathers’ access to their children by economic means
  • Enforcement is not consistent, rational
  • Curb or rescind the more dangerous powers of the Director, for example the power to arrest on suspicion of leaving the province. Do not allow the Director to exceed legislated powers.
  • Develop procedures to ensure consistent enforcement. Make enforcement data available for academic research.
  • Make the maintenance enforcement program more visible to the public. Publish data showing how much is collected from whom, by income and gender.

  • Fathers have historically been discriminated against in Family Law
  • Establish a “status of men” agency to monitor and assist the entry of men into the lives of their children.
  • Fund “Men’s Studies” course specializations in the universities and colleges of Alberta.