Men’s Issues:​​
  • Farrell, Warren. The Boy Crisis, Why our boys are struggling and what we can do about it​
  • Farrell, Warren. Why Men Earn More, The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap and What Women Can Do About It​
  • Farrell, Warren. Father and Child Reunion,  How To Bring The Dads We Need To The Children We Love​
  • Sanford Braver. Divorced Dads, Shattering the Myth
  • Farrell, Warren. Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say
  • Farrell, Warren. Why Men Are The Way They Are
  • Farrell, Warren. The Liberated Man
  • Farrell, Warren. The Myth of Male Power (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1993)​
  • Fekete, John. Moral Panic, Biopolitics Rising (Toronto, Robert Davis Publishing, 1994)​
  • Thomas, David. Not Guilty, In Defence of Modern Man (London, Great Britain, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1993)​
  • Yant, Martin. Presumed Guilty (Buffalo, New York, Prometheus Books, 1991)​
  • Zubaty, Rich. Surviving the Feminization of America (Illinois, Panther Press, 1993)​
  • Cose, Ellis. A Man’s World: How Real is Male Privilage – And How High Is It’s Price? (HarperCollins, NY 1995) ***Highly Recommended***​
  • Lewis, Paul The 5 Key Habits of Smart Dads (Family University, Zondervan Publishing House, Harper Collins, 1994)​​​​
Custody and Access
  • ​Brennan, Carleen and Michael. Custody for Fathers (Costa Mesa, California, Brennan Publishing, 1994)
  • Win Your Child Custody War (Onalaska, Texas, Pale Horse Publishing)

  • ​O’Brien, Douglas. Families with Divorce: A Book for Fathers (and Mothers) dealing with “The System” (Skid 18 Press Box 60630 Fairbanks AK.99706)
  • Advice for Fathers caught in the Divorce Industry
  • Wymard, Ellie. Men On Divorce (Carson, California, Hay House, Inc. 1994)

Gender Feminism​​
  • ​Sommers, Christina Hoff. Who Stole Feminism? How Women have Betrayed Women (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1994) Ms. Sommers received death threats after the publication of this book from feminist groups in the US. ***Highly Recommended***​
  • ​Laframboise, Donna. The Princess at the Window: A Dissident Feminist View of Men, Women and Sexual Politics (Penguin Books, 1996)
  • Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth. Feminism is Not the Story of My Life: How Today’s Feminist Elite Have Lost Touch with the Real Concerns of Women (New York, Doubleday, 1996)​
  • ​Fillion, Kate. Lip Service: The Truth About Women’s Darker Side in Love, Sex and Friendship (New York, HarperCollins, 1996)​
  • Emberley, Peter. Zero Tolerance:Hot Button Politics in Cdn Universities (Penguin Books, 1996)​
  • ​Denfeld, Rene Kill the Body, The Head will Fall (Warner Books, New York, 1997) A closer look at women, violence and feminine aggression.​
  • Patricia Pearson. When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence (Random House of Canada, 1998) Discusses how women “commit the majority of child homicides, a majority of physical child abuse, a significant amount of child sexual abuse, half of assaults on the elderly, an overwhelming share of newborn murder and at least half (or more) of spousal assaults. There is an “invisible wave” of women’s violence – the “acid bath of words, the children used as pawns, the destruction of property, the enlistment of community as a means of control (violence by proxy)”, women’s violence becomes suddenly more complicated. Women by nature are no less aggressive than men: any difference is largely a consequence of what the culture allows and expects. ***Highly Recommended***
Other Sources​