Other Father Friendly Web Sites

The Honorable Senator Anne Cools WebSite

  • Senator Anne Cools
Mens Issues
  • Men’s Issues Page
  • False Allegations: Abuse-Excuse
  • DADS Against Discrimination
  • Nation of Men
  • SAFE
  • National Coalition Of Free Men
  • The Backlash!
  • Don’t Get Married!!
  • Men’s Issues
  • Vancouver MEN
  • The Invisible Boy
  • A Fathers Journal
  • National Shared Parenting
  • National Congress for Fathers and Children
  • Center for Children’s Justice
  • DaddysHome: Fathers as Primary Care Givers
  • Familynet: At-Home Dad
  • Fathering: The Man and the Family
  • Human Equality Action & Resource Team (HEART)
  • Gene Coleman Family Law
  • Univ. of Akron’s course on Fatherhood This is an important precedent!
  • Eugene August on fragile Fatherhood
  • The National Center on Fathers and Families
  • Fatherhood Project
  • Balancing work, family no longer just for women
  • Congress tackles problem of fatherless homes
  • Washington State running back lets fatherhood come first
  • Love those `good-luck hugs’
  • Being `Dad’ today means something different than for generations past
Fathers Rights and Resources
  • Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers
  • Family Law: Canada
  • Canadian Family Law Center
  • Millennium Divorce
  • Domestic Rights Coalition: Family law attorneys for Fathers
  • American Fathers Coalition
  • American Coalition for Fathers and Children
  • Fathers Rights Foundation Page
  • FREE:Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange
  • Friends of Choice for Men
  • The Men’s Media Network Promoting Public Awareness of Men’s Rights
  • The Divorce Law Reform Page
Custody and Access
  • Fathers Battling InjusticeCustody and Access Reform in Canada!!!
  • Judge denounces extremist Feminist attacks on Families Important!
  • Challange to Canada’s Custody Bill C-41
  • Bill C-41
  • Response to Bill C-41
  • Kids Need Both Parents
  • Custody Statistics for Canada
  • DA*DI’S Family Court Page
  • Childrens Rights
  • Custody Issues of a Divorced Father
  • Court-Appointed Experts in Child Custody Cases: New York Law Library
  • Cooperative Parenting After Divorce and Separation: New York Law Library
Husband Battery
  • Husband Abuse: Questions and Answers
  • SAFE – Stop Abuse for Everyone
  • An incredible — yet not unusual — story of an abused husband and family
  • Husband Battering – Studies
  • Men and Domestic Violence Index
  • Not just in self defense: When wives hit
  • From Gelles, Straus on male and female spousal abuse
False Allegations
  • Bill S-4
  • False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
  • False Accusations of Abuse
  • Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL)
  • Parents Victimized by Children’s Protective Services
  • Evidence against “Recovered Memory”
  • False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse
Child Abuse
  • The Child Abuse Crisis The safest family environment for a child is a home in which the biological parents are married.
Parental Alienation
  • Unprogramming the Programmed Child: New York Law Library
  • The Alienation of Children

American Psychological Association (APA) Studies

  • Should states keep families tied together?
  • Fathers strongly influenced by culture
  • Men learn the craft of being a good dad
  • Older men are more involved fathers, studies show
  • What defines a man today?
  • When research is swept under the rug. Some of the best psychological research suffers for the sake of ‘political correctness.’
  • Courts reshape image of ‘the good mother’
  • Working mothers: happy or haggard?
  • Children increase risk of spousal abuse
  • A nation of hermits: the loss of community
  • The bond between mother and child
  • Parents killing kids: a nation’s shame
  • The art of love and deception
  • Young, single mothers find support on the Internet
  • Consistent parenting helps children regulate emotions
  • Judges, courts get tough on spanking
  • Fostering peace after the end of a marriage
Gender Issues
  • Balance Magazine – The Inclusive Vision of Gender Equality
  • Bioenergetics Press Home Page
  • Gender Issues:Men:Yahoo
  • Gender Wars – Up the Lads
  • The Non-Existant Organization for Men
  • Gender Issues (NZ)
  • The Power of the Virgin: the Issue of Women in Combat
Real Women
  • Real Women A Great site
  • Christina Hoff Sommers
  • Suzanne Steinmetz
Real Feminism:
  • The shame of feminism A story of how two bigoted women sacrificed a little boy and his mother to promote their extreme feminist agenda.
  • Feminist’s Hall of Shame A harsh site summarizing statistics on female abuse of families and children.
  • Gender Issues Research Center A remarkable Feminist site that describes the immoral (if not illegal) methods for manipulating Divorce courts. This site is for women, but if you want to see how the Divorce Industry works against Fathers and their children, then read on.
  • Divorce Wars 50 Strategies every women needs to know to win: A Feminist Perspective!