Friday March 17, 2000

Darren White of Prince George, BC Canada has been found near UNBC. He apparently killed himself.

Darren White had been reported as a missing person this week. He had been under extreme pressure since Judge Baker of the BC Supreme Court ruled that he must pay a total of $2,510 per month in support. His former spouse was awarded the children and their house. Although on medical leave, he was ordered to return to work. While on medical leave his income was $400/week. Although access was ordered, it was not enforceable. He was expected to earn $5,000/month before tax (approximately $3,000 per month after tax).

His 4 children don’t deserve to be fatherless.

In a distasteful gesture, Darrin’s former spouse is allegedly demanding that she be given Darrin’s body, which she wants to cremate. She is allegedly the initiator of the court actions which precipitated his death. Darrin’s parents would like to provide a burial in his home town.