NACSA NEWS May/June 1995

A father worried about the Child Support Agency arranged his own funeral before taking his life in his bedsit.

Alan Jones whose wife had been contacted by the CSA was found dead in bed after not being seen for nine days. The Coroner, John Wain, said “… I realise that he was very conscious of the CSA and I feel that his own thoughts about the matter … played a substantial part in (his) intention to take his own life.”

Mr Jones, aged 44 and a former British Rail worker from Fenton in Staffordshire, split from his wife in 1985 but had remained close to her and their son; he continued to pay maintenance and provide extras for the family, visiting most days. However he became “very concerned and furious” when the CSA became involved. In particular he became worried about the situation concerning his first wife and her daughter. Alan’s uncle, anti-CSA campaigner Roy Griffiths of Newstead, confirmed that Alan had arranged his own funeral and he also found a bundle of CSA press cuttings and a suicide note whilst clearing his nephew’ s flat after his death (see below). Roy said “The CSA drove Alan to breaking point.”