Accusations of physical and sexual abuse, without evidence, are a common way for a mother to gain interim custody of a child.

Remember these points if falsely accused:

  • Cooperate with the investigation
  • If being questioned by the police
    • Be polite but maintain your innocence
    • Ask if you are being charged
    • Ask what evidence there is against you
    • Ask to have your lawyer present
    • Tell them you did not do it
  • You may be charged if you are innocent, even if there is little evidence
  • If you are charged
    • Immediately demand full disclosure of the evidence against you It is your right
    • If the police refuse full disclosure, initiate a “show cause” action with a Notice of Motion
  • Once you are proven innocent
    • Your charge is still recorded against you
    • You can have the charge removed from your records by contacting Pardons Information at 1-800-874-2652