Games Enforcers Play: I’ve Got a Secret

Another game the enforcer will play is the withholding of information that could help resolve the debtor’s situation. I call this “I’ve got a secret”. In this game, the enforcer knows a way to resolve the difficulties in payments, but withholds this information if he or she feels that the debtor is not submissive or contrite enough, if the enforcer feels the debtor is deserving of punishment or simply if the enforcer is feeling capricious.
The debtor needs to present himself or herself in a way that makes it clear the enforcer is regarded with respect and that the debtor wants to do anything the enforcer asks. Be as obsequious as possible. This is needed to elicit a helpful approach from the enforcer, since they are unlikely to be helpful to a debtor under normal conditions. Their goal is to collect as much money as possible (the department goals are targeted at increasing collections).​

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