Games Enforcers Play: Catch 22​​

Another game that is played involves Revenue Canada. I will call it “Catch-22” (after the famous book).
You might think that Revenue Canada has no business acting on behalf of a provincial maintenance enforcement department, but think again.

If you have an older child support order (where the payments are tax deductible), you might think that Revenue Canada would allow the collection of less tax at source so that larger child support payments can be made. However, they will not do this without the approval of the provincial maintenance enforcement department.​

The maintenance enforcement department will not allow the deduction, since only 70% of your wages at source can be seized through a garnishee. Tax refunds, on the other hand, are (I know, this requires a real suspension of logic) not considered wages and so can be 100% seized.​

So one cannot pay the monthly amounts without a tax reduction at source, and one cannot get a tax reduction at source with paying the monthly payments!​

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