How to complain about Maintenance Enforcement

If the Department of Maintenance Enforcement treats you in an unprofessional, predatory, or unconstitutional fashion, you should complain. Here is what you have to do:​

  • Write a letter to your provincial Director of Maintenance Enforcement
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, pursue other avenues: 
  • If you are requesting information, such as policies, contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner who can help you exercise the Freedom of Information Act. You will be asked to write a letter outlining your request with a copy of the letter to the Director of Maintenance Enforcement.​
  • In Alberta call (403) 422-6860.
  • You will no doubt be disgusted to know that, according to the privacy commission, the Director can withhold the information on your own account. So there is no way to know if the information on your account is correct. I hope someone has the good sense to challenge such a ruling in court if they get the chance. ​
  • If you are complaining about unfair treatment, write a letter to the Provincial Ombudsman. Enclose a copy of the letter to the Director of Maintenance Enforcement