Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Director

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For Immediate Release – Tuesday July 6th, 1999​

Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA) – Calgary
Paul Millar, Vice-President of the Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA) and a non-custodial father, won the right in the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench to prohibit the Alberta Director Maintenance Enforcement from seizing health care benefits provided by employers. On Monday, The Honorable Justice V.P. Moshansky ruled that the Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Regulations permit parents under a wage attachment and their employers to deduct all Health Care costs in order to maintain the parent’s health and that of their children. Maintenance Enforcement can no longer require employers to apply garnishment to these benefits. The Director of Maintenance Enforcement had opposed the application by Mr. Millar. The Alberta Government introduced Bill 16 to amend the Maintenance Enforcement Act, to among other things, allow the Director of Maintenance Enforcement to seize property of the friends and relatives of those who owe child support. The Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA) vehemently opposes Bill 16 intrusive proposed measures. “In the alternative, we call upon the Alberta Government to consider a more balanced approach and to endorse the Report of the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access, “For the Sake of the Children.” Says, Mr. Gus Sleiman President of MESA.