Father's Day Tradition 2010

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Jim Whinston

Father’s Day​​
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We promote fairness, equality, family and, most important, the best interests of the children. We also encourage the involvement of both parents in the lives of children, promote mutual respect and cooperation between the genders, and are dedicated to making divorce less adversarial and encouraging all of the parties to work together. These then provide the best role models for the children. We greatly encourage parents to step forward and assume responsibility for their children, improve themselves, and be the very best they can be.

Fathers, mothers, parents, children, and families … and Rockin’ Robbin, too. Jeff Fossum, PSU alumni, original and senior producer and cohost.​

Please contact Jim Whinston at JPWhinston@aol.com or (personal) office 503-224-9477 503-224-9477 for comments, criticisms, articles for the show, or potential guests for the show. We present both sides, all sides, every side. All opinions honored and respected. We also have public affairs programming and candidate/election shows that go past the sound bites. All good ideas are welcome. And Nathan Jimenez with balanced, ongoing political analysis and perspective. Thank you very much.​

We welcome all guests who would like to present a plan or solution as to how to stabilize Iraq so that our boys and girls can get out of harm’s way, and eventually leave Iraq.

​June 17, 2010:
​Gus Sleiman and Mel Feit celebrate Father’s Day, encouraging shared parenting, an equal partnership between men and women, and an end to the gender war.​​