Open Letter to the Minister of Justice Mr. Martin Cauchon

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The following is an open letter to the Minister of Justice Mr. Martin Cauchon:

We note the recent reports of your intention to make superficial changes to the Divorce Act, leaving in place the failed regime of the family courts. We wish to express to you our continuing dismay and disgust with the cruel use of family law and government policies that daily deprive Canadian children of an indispensable asset in life — the love and guidance of a father.

Effects on Children of Living in Fatherless Homes (from various North American sources):

  • 63% of youth suicides
  • 80% of rapists motivated with anger
  • 71% of high school dropouts
  • 85% of all youth in prison
  • 85% of all children that exhibit behavioural disorders
  • 90% of all homeless and runaway children
  • 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centres

Eliminating custody and access language from the Divorce Act will do precisely nothing to alleviate the suffering of countless thousands of Canadian children. Mr. Cauchon, we see clearly that you are trying to use a notion of “parental responsibility” to suppress consideration of the real needs of children and the indispensable rights of all parents.

There can be no enforcement of parental responsibility without due respect for parental authority, but you and your government have shown yourselves completely lacking in respect.

We believe that your political investment in hatred toward men has blinded you to the fact that you are destroying the fabric of society.You cannot act out a program of hate without practical cost and human cost that society will be unable to bear. In defaming and destroying fathers, you are punishing their children, their mothers, their fathers, their sisters, their brothers — in fact, everyone who loves them.

What about the many thousands of mothers who are eliminated in one case out of ten by the same brutal instruments that were designed for the fathers of Canada? Do you imagine that Canadians want to see your style of blunt justice applied continually to them and their children?

For years, we have repeatedly tried to inform your government, as individuals, as groups, in public consultations (when we have occasionally been allowed to speak), of the horrible damage done by your policy of depriving children of one parent in virtually every divorce. You do not listen. You do not act for the good. You provide funding to, and you solicit policy ideas from, people who hate and vilify men. You spurn and silence men and women who don’t share the hatred, or the politically correct victim mentality.

Governments spend billions on a family court system that intentionally does something fundamentally unjust: declare one parent the loser in the division of a family. More than anything else, the child of divorce fears the loss of a parent, and the family court does all that it can to guarantee that the child will lose every time.

We know that people who overcome family conflict and stay married are generally happier and more productive than people who give up, we know that children generally thrive best and avoid poverty in intact families, but you choose to facilitate family destruction by creating predictable winners and losers in family court.

Mr. Cauchon, without any real thought or effort, you reject the simplest form of justice: Equal Parenting. Equal parenting is an equal division of parental time, rights, and responsibilities between both parents, particularly after separation and divorce. Equal parenting is the antidote to the perversion of a family court system that routinely takes parents out of the lives of their children, causing unbearable harm to children and society.

Equal parenting eliminates the worst conflicts in divorce, by respecting the rights of both parents and the true interests of the children.

In conclusion, we urge you to reconsider the reckless insensitivity of your policy, and talk to us with a genuine openness to the idea of fundamental change for the better in family law, and in government attitudes toward fathers and marriage. Stop constructing an industry of courts, lawyers, social workers, and government-funded feminists. For the first time, listen earnestly to the overwhelming majority of Canadians that love and respect all parents equally.

(Supported by the following, growing list of Canadian organizations.)
  • L’Après-rupture, ateliers pour les liens père-enfants, Québec, Gilbert Claes (866) 624-7272
  • Fathers for Equality, Victoria B.C., Keith Harris (250) 652-3205
  • Parent and Child Advocacy Coalition, Prince George, B.C., Todd Eckert (250) 554-1418
  • Parents of Broken Families, Kamloops, B.C., Mickey MacMillan (250) 374-3370
  • Mothers For Kids, Toronto, Yvonne Choquette (416)580-5442
  • Equal Parents of Canada News, Toronto, Eric Tarkington (416) 636-0772
  • Human Equality Action and Resource Team, Toronto, Butch Windsor (416) 698-3655
  • FatherCraft Canada, Ottawa, Glenn Cheriton (613) 260-2659
  • Committee for Fairness in Family Law, Toronto, James Hodgins (416)721-3913
  • Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA), Calgary, (403) 228-6366, Gus Sleiman (403) 541-1788
  • Freedom For Kids, Toronto, Nick Kovats (416) 990-2595
  • The Children’s Voice, Toronto, Bill Flores (905) 829-3639
  • Entraide Pères-Enfants Séparés de l’Outaouais Gatineau, Québec, Martin d’Ajou
  • The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society, (ECMAS) Edmonton, Bob Bouvier (780) 468-6328
  • Grandparents Unlimited ,Edmonton, Elsie Cable (780) 454-8408
  • Fathers are Capable Too, Parenting Association (FACT), Toronto, David Osterman (416) 622-3450
  • Walter Fox, LL.B, Lawyer in Toronto, (416) 363-9238
  • Saskatchewan Coalition Against Family Violence, Saskatchewan, George Seitz (306) 584-8021
  • Parents’ Coalition of B.C. Hal Legere (604) 417-4045
  • Association To Reunite Grandparents & Families, Ontario, Betty Cornelius (613) 474-0035
  • The New Brunswick Children’s Equal Parenting Association, Saint John, NB, Edward Hoyt (506)674-0980
  • Alberta Federation Of Women United For Families (AFWUF), Calgary, Hermina Dykxhoorn (403) 228-2190
  • Equal Parenting Group Society, North Vancouver, B.C., Manfred Weber (604) 874-0060
  • Conseil pour la Condition Masculine – Canada , Dorval, Québec, William Levy (514) 591-5553
  • Putting Children and Families First (Durham Region, Ontario) Brenda Mignardi (905) 420-5205
  • National Shared Parenting Association, Regina (Saskatchewan Chapter) Blaine Collins (306) 586-1749
  • Grey-Bruce Non Custodial Parent’s Association, Owen Sound, Ontario (519)371-6552
  • Family Conflict Resolution Services, Ontario, Vernon Beck, (905) 829-0407
  • The Family Justice Review Committee, Toronto Prime Line, Ontario (416) 410-4115
  • The National Association for Public and Private Accountability, Ontario, The Rev. Dorian A. Baxter (905) 853-0316
  • Le comité aviseur sur la réforme du Code de procédure civil, droit de la famille, Québec, Guy Gauvin (418) 840-4459
  • La Table de concertation pour la condition paternelle, Québec, Jean-Claude Boucher (450) 772-6812
  • Dads & Kids National, Ontario, John C. Menear (705) 326-8291
  • Le comité des parents non-gardiens de Montréal, Québec, Serge Ferrand (514) 522-9810
  • L’Après-rupture de Rimouski, Québec, Jean-Marc Bessette (418) 725-0411
  • ALPE-Québec, Québec, Aurélien Lessard (418) 659-4213
  • Dr. Robert C. Wittes, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCP, Richmond Hill, Ontario, (905-) 884-7000
  • Ex-fathers, Burlington, Ontario, Lloyd Gorling (905)-645-1169
  • Regina Shared Parenting Network, Regina, Saskatchewan, Brian Lee Johnson (306) 586-1211
  • In Search of Justice, Woodbridge, Ontario, Ross Virgin, (905) 850-3344
  • Canada Family Action Coalition, Alberta, Brian Rushfeldt, (403) 295-2159
  • Kids Need Both Parents, Hamilton, Ontario, Chuck Ferrauto, (905) 318-4204

Note: Additional supporters to this document that were not able to provide their approval at the time of this release will be added at their request.

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