Introduction to MESA

MESA is a registered charitable organization, established in 1994, whose main objective is to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis. We are a group of Men and Women in the community whose aims are to make available the emotional resources and legal referrals Men require during a family breakdown.

MESA believes that the interests of all children are best served by having both parents able to participate fully in their lives, even after divorce or separation, within the concept of Equal Parenting. MESA provides support to fathers and non-custodial parents who are affected by the consequences of family breakdown.

A prevailing experience among Fathers today is that fair and balanced outcomes involving the law are difficult to attain. More…

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The Government of Canada introduced Bill C-78 an Act to amend the Divorce Act, neglecting to introduce or consider a presumption of Equal Shared Parenting (ESP) as a fundamental solution, in the best interest of children, to many divorce and separation issues. Call or write your MP to support an amendment to the Divorce Act to include a presumption of Equal Shared Parenting concept.


Anne Cools – Canada’s 1st black and longest serving senator- bids the red chamber goodbye

CBC: As it Happens 

August 13, 2018 

Is there value in being the first [black senator]?
There’s no value in being first. It’s just a historical fact. It happened. It’s not a values issue. It’s just an act of history.

Did you see it as as a point of inspiration for communities?
If I can answer that by letting you be informed that I am Canada’s most famous senator ever.
And this doesn’t come out of skin colour or anything else so related. It comes out of my work on my moral position on very profound and strong and important issues.

For example, as to the importance of children, you know, having meaningful involvement with both their mothers and their fathers. I did a lot of work on that file — about 10 years. And I took a lot of blows from many ultra-feminists.

But the fact of the matter is that a child is born with a mother and a father and needs the emotional support, the emotional and financial support of both their parents.

Our Commitment

Committed to the Education and Support of Fathers

Peer Support

MESA’s peer support program assists parents who are experiencing a separation, divorce or domestic violence issues.

Counselling referrals

educational seminar program

Parent child Access center

MESA offers a program, called the Parent-Child Access Centre to support non-custodial parents in obtaining regular access to their children.