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Parental Alienation (return)

Cases involving Parental Alientation Syndrome

  • Eliott v. Elliott (Unreported)
    Custody reversed on the basis of Parental Alienation Syndrome
    Alberta Queen's Bench case 4806-10272
    25 Jan 1996 Lethbridge
    Alberta Court of Appeal case 16319

  • Rosenke v. Rosenke 1998 ABCA 81
    Access Denial and Parental Alienation: Non-custodial parent allowed access because of alienation by custodial parent.

  • Bridgewater v. Lee, 1998 ABPC 133
    Grandparent Alienation and Access to Grandparent: Court refused to allow access to grandparent who was the victim of alienation by parent.

  • Experts in Parental Alienation Syndrome/ Malicious Parent Syndrome:
    Dr. Richard Gardner
    Dr. Ira Turkat
    Dr. Reena Sommers