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Date Publication Description & Link
June 2014 Global TV Calgary MESA's Father's Day Picnic
June 2014 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
June 2013 Global TV Calgary MESA's Father's Day Picnic
June 2013 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
June 2012 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
June 2011 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
15-November-10 Calgary Herald Real Men Do Cry: The hidden pain: domestic abuse targeted toward men
June 2010 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
June 2009 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
08-October-03 Medicine Hat News Delinquent fathers to be paying more
June 2008 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
07-December-06 Calgary Sun It's a 'Man's world; Gender-neutral title nixed
June 2007 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
07-May-22 CBC News, Global News; National & CTV News, Interviews Depression risk higher for divorced men: Statistics Canada
07-February-01 CTV News Air Canada restricts unaccompanied minors flights
06-August-01 Calgary Herald Child support to rise with income
06-July-31 CTV, CFCN NEWS Calgary dad loses SCOC child support challenge
June 2006 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
06-February-13 CBC NEWS Top court hears Alberta fathers' appeal of support payment ruling
05-August-19 Calgary Herald Top court ruling will impact every payer of child support
June 2005 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
05-February-09 Calgary Sun Court rules to hike support
04-September-30 Strathmore Standard Response to Maintenance Enforcement measures
04-August-31 CBC Calgary, EYEOPENER With Jim Brown Men's group slams child-support plan, Listen to Interview with Jim Brown
04-August-31 CBC Calgary Men's group slams child-support plan
June 2004 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
04-May-8 Calgary Herald Abuse Initiative Unveiled
Two new posts will help stop family violence
04-May-8 Calgary Sun Talks aim at curbing violence
04-December [Canadian Bar Assoc]
National: Fathers' Day
The fathers’ rights movement has shaken the family law Bar, from law offices to courtrooms to government. Its members are dedicated to their cause, unwavering in their beliefs, and furious with judges, lawyers and politicians. They evoke sympathy from some and scorn from others, but they can’t be ignored any longer.
03-October-15 Cochrane Times It’s not easy being male
Speaker tells Cochrane group men face significant challenges
June 2003 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
03-February-22 Calgary Herald Dad’s charter points blocked
Appeal court denies weapon in CHR battle
03-February-03 Calgary Herald Father fights for son’s health records
Non-custodial parents barred from CHR data
02-December-5 Calgary Herald Divorce puts kids at risk, say experts
Research shows higher rate of clinical depression
June 2002 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
02-June-11 Calgary Sun Wild for family outings
02-March Gauntlet, University of Calgary Fighting For Fathers
June 2001 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
01-June/July Western Parent MESA Fights for the Rights of Men and Fathers
01-May-20 The Ottawa Citizen Divorce survey prejudicial: fathers' groups Federal poll aims to stall changes to custody, access, they charge
01-March-2 Report Newsmagazine No-fault attempted murder
00-November-6 Calgary Herald Researcher claims men, women equal abusers
June 2000 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
00-June-19 Calgary Herald Kids, dads celebrate fatherhood
00-June-19 Calgary Herald Brochure spread anti-male bias: panel
00-March-23 The Toronto Sun Justice isn't just blind
00-April-24 The Report Magazine Divorced from reality
00-March-23 The National Post Anti-male bias in family courts blamed for man's suicide
99-November-23 The Globe and Mail Ad yanked after protests over woman hitting man
99-September-02 National Post Study finds bias against men
99-July-06 MESA Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Director is prohibited from seizing debtors Health Care costs
June 1999 KPSU Father's Day Tradition
99-February-09 The National Post Ontario pulls 'anti-male' booklets
98-August-24 Alberta Report HE'S MALE, HE'S GUILTY
98-August-21 Calgary Herald Men Are Shut Out
98-August-03 Alberta Report THE BOARS WANT IN
June 1998 KPSU Father's Day Tradition